Saurik: Cydia Paid $8 Million To Jailbreak Devs Last Year, 1.5 Million Devices Use The App Every Day
Alex Heath,

Jay Free­man, also known as “saurik,” runs Cydia, the jail­break alter­na­tive to the App Store.

SAN FRAN­CIS­CO, Jail­break­Con 2012 — Jay ‘saurik’ Free­man just fin­ished his pre­sen­ta­tion at Jail­break­Con, and the cre­ator of Cydia…

I can wait for 6. Personally, I prefer to always have my iPhone jailbroken. Eventually a release to jb iOS 6 will come along in a month or so. I’ll update then. Cydia is too essential.

The Butterfly Effect on Vimeo

by Passion Pictures Plus 3 weeks ago,

The Butterfly Effect on Vimeo

Underwater crop circle mystery solved
Deborah Byrd,

One of the coolest sto­ries from last week (Sep­tem­ber 18, 2012) intro­duced the world to what many are now call­ing an under­wa­ter crop cir­cle. Of course, these sea floor cir­cles have noth­ing to do with crops, but they are intri­cate…


Visual History of Cooper Black

Where’s Waldo? More like where’s Coop­er Black? The font is every­where! The Visu­al His­to­ry of Coop­er Black info­graph­ic was cre­at­ed by to show their love for Coop­er Black.

You might not know it, but you’ve seen Coop­er Bla…

Cooper Black History

Life of a Cask: Wine to Whiskey

Wow! Who knew that the Cask would be so valu­able! It is a key ingre­di­ent to mak­ing our favorite wine and whiskeys! See how Scotch depends on Sher­ry in the info­graph­ic Life of a Cask: Wine to Whiskey from

An info­graph­ic…

Life of a Cask: Wine to Whiskey

In Vitro Leather Could Give “Lab Coat” a New Meaning | Discoblog

Sci­en­tists have been han­ker­ing after that in vitro burg­er for at least five years, and what they have is a tardy order for a patty expect­ed to cost over $300,000. Now, biotech com­pa­ny Mod­ern Mead­ows is focus­ing on anoth­er lab-grown cow…

Lab-grown bomber jack­ets, com­ing soon?

Scientists: overuse of antibiotics in animal agriculture endangers humans
Karen McVeigh in New York,

Former FDA commissioner is among 150 scientists and 50 farmers calling on Congress to regulate antibiotic use

The overuse of antibiotics in animal agriculture and medicine is putting human lives at unnecessary risk and driving up medical costs,…

Scientists: overuse of antibiotics in animal agriculture endangers humans

Most distant galaxy shines light on early universe
Lisa De Nike-JHU,

JOHNS HOP­KINS (US) — Astronomers have spot­ted what could be the most dis­tant galaxy ever seen.

Light from the young galaxy—cap­tured by NASA’s orbit­ing Spitzer and Hub­ble space tele­scopes—start­ed its sojourn toward Earth when the…

Cellphone Medical Test Wins NPR’s ‘Big Idea’ Contest
Joe Palca,

Most of us would like to make life bet­ter for peo­ple in devel­op­ing coun­tries. Most of us don’t do any­thing about it. Cather­ine Wong is dif­fer­ent. She’s the win­ner of our Joe’s Big Idea video con­test. She not only came up with a big idea… users can now turn any post into a liveblog with Automattic’s new plugin
Harrison Weber,

Automat­tic, the com­pa­ny behind and the host­ed ser­vice, has just debuted a new live-blogging plu­g­in, aptly titled Live­blog. The free tool allows Word­Press users to quick­ly and eas­i­ly turn any post into a…